Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Why Dart?

A few weeks ago I started to feel that I need some brain exercise. So I decided to start to learn a new programming language. But which one? That was the question.

First I looked at Java - mainly because it is the language for making Android apps. But I have found, that I do not like the language and I do not believe in its future.

Then I played a little with Go. If I intended to learn a new language just for fun, then I would decide to learn Go. The syntax of Go is very comprehensible to me and I like the language. But Go does not seem very promising. It can be used on Google app engine and I can install it on my desktop or server. But it is not what I'm looking for.

Last week I watched the Google I/O conference. There were a few interesting presentations concerning Dart language. So I looked at the language a little more closely and I have found it attractive. It is not as unfamiliar to me as Java and unlike JavaScript it is a fully-fledged programming language. But what about the usefulness of the language? I evaluated the language as more promising than Go. Here are my arguments:
  • Dart will be integrated in Chrome and if it is successful, then it will spread to other browsers as well.
  • If I interpret correctly this answer at I/O conference, it is possible to expect Dart language support for Google app engine.
  • I suppose that Google will bring Dart language support at least for some of its projects, like packaged apps, native clientapps script, or even Android.
  • The Dart community is pretty active.
No one knows if Dart will be successful or not. But I decided to start to learn the language. Maybe the uncertainty of the Dart future will stimulate me to learn more intensively.